Integral roof light

A modern and economical light

Flawless visibility

The INTEGRAL roof light gives your vehicle a sporty look. The high performance LED technology enhances its visibility from afar.

Optimised consumption

Optimize your fuel consumption thanks to the INTEGRAL roof light's aerodynamic shape.

An attractive roof light, without compromise

Unique style

A unique character emphasized by its distinguished lines. The INTEGRAL roof light is designed to fit all types of roof. It will harmoniously marry the lines of your vehicle.

Technical features


Protective cover (included)


Compatible with all major taximeters on the market


Can be fixed to glass and non-metallic roofs

Colours available

White, sea blue, indigo blue, dark purple, orange, neon yellow, lemon yellow, apple green, bottle green, pink

Weather resistance

Waterproof in all weather conditions

Connection type

Connection via an armoured cable or flexible cable for the removable version

Operating temperature

Between -25°C and +85°C

Dimensions (width x height x depth)

332 x 137 x 254 mm

Dimensions with mount (width x height x depth)

332 x 137 x 254 mm

Dimensions with height adjuster (width x height x depth)

332 x 178 x 254 mm


1,42 kg

Weight with mount

2,12 kg

Weight with height adjuster

2,84 kg

Regulatory certifications

Type approval certificate

Download the certificate

Functional and technical documentation