Designed for leasers and taxi companies.

A solution made for you

When combined with ATA taximeters, the ePRIMUS fleet management system meets the specific needs of taxi leasers and taxi companies with employed drivers.

A tailor-made solution

The ePRIMUS pack allows different uses: from remotely blocking of the taximeter to editing detailed reports of the activity of each taxi driver.

Monitor the status of your fleet of vehicles.

A modular solution

As a modular solution, ePRIMUS allows you to view your fleet until the end of your vehicles’ shifts (receipts, totalisers, position tracking, location, distance travelled without passengers and much more).

Multiple features dedicated to the taxi business.

From flexibility to features

Communicate with your employees by printing messages on the taximeter's printer, with acknowledgement of receipt.
Manage your vehicle fleet by adding alarms (mileage maintenance, theft of driver codes, etc.)

Thanks to its flexibility, ePRIMUS is the perfect solution for small, medium and large businesses!