Reliable and economical

Comfort for everyone

The POWER PRINT printer allows you to edit receipts in a simple and efficient way, to improve your comfort and that of your customer.

Easy to use

The paper roll can be replaced easily. It takes literally seconds to reload your printer paper.

Standard roll

The large-capacity standard ATA roll allows you to print more than 350 receipts.

Perfect connectivity

Just one printer for all of your equipment

The POWER PRINT printer is compatible with all ATA taximeters.
It can be used by medical trip solutions and ePRIMUS fleet management.

Functional features

Customisable trip receipt: simple or detailed

Connects directly to ATA taximeters

Standard 50 mm diameter paper roll, high printing capacity

Silent printing

Quick printing

Dimensions (width x height x depth)

82 x 113 x 55 mm


250 g

Power supply

9 V - 16 V (supplied directly by the taximeter)

Consumption in print mode

3,5 A

Consumption in standby mode

56 mA

Consumption in sleep mode

0,4 mA