A wide selection of professional high-quality equipment for your taxi

A complete range of taximeters for taxi professionals

Reliable and sleek, ATA’s wide range of taximeters come with various features that enable you to optimize your taxi business whilst also benefiting from a device that is both ergonomic and stylish.

A selection of stylish
and ergonomic lights

The latest in the ATA range, the AIR JAWS light is the most ergonomic light on the market and combines style with functionality.

Unique Made in France expertise.

Stylish, innovative and high performance products.

From now on, your taximeter will save you money

Application tailored to your needs

Customize the Application with your colours and your operating methods to best meet your needs and expectations.

Connected to the taximeter

With a taximeter from the REVOLUTION range, you can choose to connect the Application to your equipment or use it directly via your taximeter.

or advanced booking

Receive immediate trips or advanced bookings and manage your schedule via the App or your taximeter.

Application adapted
to the taxi business

Ongoing development of the application according to market needs, but also according to the regulatory constraints of the taxi business.

Discover all the benefits of 1001TAXIS

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Creator of solutions for
taxi professionals

Since 1977, ATA has been designing, manufacturing and marketing equipment for taxi professionals.

ATA will revolutionize
your equipment

With ATA SERVICES, you can hire your taxi equipment and reap the many benefits!

An installer network

Increase your sales with the 1001TAXIS App directly linked to your taximeter!